Summer Successes & Scheduling

The summer has rolled around super fast this year, I cannot believe that we are into the middle of July already! Everything has been moving at manic speed since Easter as we struggled to get on a handle on the backlog of college assignments amidst some of the team’s demanding work hours at their bill paying job . It was a case of head down, bum up and a few weeks of frantic time management and workload juggling! As soon as all of our Summer assignments were complete, we pushed froward to create a functioning MVP (minimum viable product) of our beard app which we completed last week. Still very much a work in progress, it is not fit for public consumption yet but watch this space!


In the midst of such frenetic activity, our summer results were released for the 2017 semester. We were delighted to receive a strong grade (75%) for our UI Design ambitions and the design proposal detailing our app interface aesthetics and functionality.  You can check out the final design on Invision here:

Rejuvenated by our strong grades for the semester, we are again energised and renewed to  push forward with our work over the Summer so that we may create the beard-care app within our capabilities. Onwards and upwards peeps!


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