Welcome to BeardFix, a beard care companion app for men.

BeardFix aims to debunk the conflicting brand driven self care messages targeted at men. As an independent information source on beard care best practice, this app will be the only tool you’ll need for sound product reviews, beard how-to’s, opinion pieces, community boards.

We are in the early stages of design right now, but please follow our progress here or across our social media platforms and join us on our journey to our app launch day in late 2017.



App Features

Beards have been one of the strongest and most enduring trends in the last decade. A beard says a lot about the man sporting it; their style, their personality, and their masculinity. Hundreds of thousands of men actively congregate on online communities to get beard advice, show off beard photos, or just hang out with their bearded brothers.

A beard is a deliberate statement about a man. 

Once any man starts to grow a beard, they find there’s a steep learning curve that can act as a deterrent to continue on this path. Most guys have no idea initially how to trim, style, and maintain their beards.  Resources online are difficult to navigate and usually encumbered with heavy advertising.

BeardFix will significantly ease the difficulty in growing, maintaining, and styling beards for men.

Our app will cater to men who:

  • Frequently use facial hair products and want a reliable, independent source on products
  • Want to minimize the pitfalls of growing a beard (itchiness, patchiness, acne, etc.)
  • Can’t quite figure out how to properly style their beards, or what styles suit them
  • Want to talk about beards with other men who care about facial hair
  • Want to track their beard progress
  • Want to learn tips and tricks to up their beard game

Recent News

We’re on Snapchat!

We’ve decided to up our game on the social media side of things and have opened a snapchat account to compliment our other media platforms. We are hoping to monitor our progress via image and video of both our app buiding process and Brendan’s beard growing efforts over the coming months. Prepare for terrible puns, …

About Us

We are Dana and Brendan, two students currently building this app together as part of our Masters in Creative Digital Media at DIT, Dublin. Targeting a niche market has proved popular within our academic sphere and our tutors have been amazingly supportive of our app development and design to date.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 22.04.03


Brendan is an experienced architect with 4 years experience of working in the design industry which included much BIM modelling and a sprinkling of HTML coding. Bouncing from Ireland to Australia and back again, he seems to be forever learning new software skills, laws and regulations. Having not come from a coding background, his core established skillset includes a strong eye for design, a good knowledge of user expectations versus user needs and a critical eye for detail. He is fluent with the Adobe Creative Suite package and has a strong knowledge of other useful visual tools such as the Sketch App and a pen and paper. His coding skills to date include HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX and PHP, Ionic 3 framework, Cordova, AngularJs & Typescript.

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Although Dana does not quite have a beard, she will never stop trying. Dana’s academic background is in Philosophy, which comes in handy with learning new coding languages and syntax due to conditional logic training. Her coding competencies include HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, SQL, PHP, Ionic 3 framework, Cordova, AngularJs & Typescript.. Her design competencies include using the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and Flinto. Although she is professionally new to design and programming, she has learned a lot of valuable skills through her modules at DIT, such as implementing APIs, implementing databases, understanding software engineering concepts, researching and producing creative treatments, and designing. She is also great at googling tutorials and examples, which she feels like is 90% of the battle with learning new skills!!!


You can contact Brendan and Dana by email at:


We welcome any messages, feedback, ideas or suggestions that anyone wishes to send our way. We endeavour to reply to all emails as promptly as possible. Please note that we also work part time on other projects so replies may take a few days.

We are also on all major social platforms – please see the icons links at the bottom of this page.